3 in 1 Cloud Secretary Edup150mbps Wireless 3g Router Wifi Disk 8000mah Lithium Batteries Built-in

The 3-in-one Cloud Secretary Edup150mbps Wireless 3G-Router comes with advanced functionality with Lithium batteries. As the router has batteries so it can easily be carried anywhere you go to use as mobile device and it is a perfect device for travelers. This device is designed in the latest IEEE 802.11N standard that delivers up to 150 Mbps data speed.

3 in 1 Cloud Secretary Edup150mbps Wireless 3g Router

The 3G Wi-Fi router has also a USB interface that can be used for the outer telecom, China Unicom, Mobile’s 3G signal to Wi-Fi signals to share 3G internet connection among the connected devices. This mobile powered router can be used for the multimedia sharing with a range of network applications.

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This 3-in-1 router has got a compact and lightweight design to travel with. Now you are going to enjoy fast internet website browsing anywhere you go at an affordable price. Read more…

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