AeriaLight™ Ultra Wide Band 3G & 4G Outdoor External Single Antenna for BandRich BandLuxe 4G LTE Wireless Router

The AeriaLight Ultra Wide Band 3G-4G Outdoor External Antenna for Wireless Routers works perfectly to deliver clear signal to the connected devices. This is a high quality antenna that will boost your BandRich BandLuxe 4G LTE Wireless Router; it directly catches signals from your service provider’s direction.

You just need to set up this antenna outside, plug the included cable into your BandRich BandLuxe 4G LTE wireless Router antenna port. After proper installation, you will experience good signal strength and speedy data transfer rate. This signal booster device is designed for the BandRich BandLuxe 4G LTE Wireless routers but if you changed your router, you just simply need to change the included adapter without having to purchase the complete system again.

It has a 15 ft wire that is enough to cover a long distance area of your larger home. In case your device has 2 antenna ports, you must purchase two such antennas as well. You also get one year of limited warranty.

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