Aluratek 3G Portable Wireless USB Cellular Router

The Aluratek 3G Portable Wireless USB Cellular Router is a great device to connect your wireless devices at one place to share 3G or higher internet connection. If you are not using a dial up modem and you are using wireless internet, you must use this Aluratek USB Cellular Router to route internet connections to your wireless or wired devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones etc.

Aluratek 3G Portable Wireless USB Cellular Router

You can instantly create a Wi-Fi hotspot at any area where you get a 3G internet connection. The device has an integrated lithium-ion battery that provides complete mobility and it gives a long hour of backup of about 4 hours.

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The Aluratek 3G USB wireless cellular router supports 3G USB modems means it provides too much flexibility to share internet connection to multiple devices. The Aluratek device works with NAT, routing, firewall, VPN pass-through and DHCP server and it is compatible with 802.11b/g/n devices.

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