Why A High Speed Router Is Better

All over the world, millions and millions of people are accessing the Internet on a daily basis. A couple of years ago people went online to check on their emails or to do some research. Today, lots of applications are being accessed over the Internet form simple web browsing, social networking, video streaming, online gaming, the list goes on. Because of the numerous applications available for us, the demand for a faster Internet has also increased. Remember the days when the 56 KBps dial up modems were at the forefront of technology?

Trying to download a whole movie would take you a week at most. Right now we enjoy a faster Internet than before thanks to the increased bandwidth that is available to us. Speeds of 1, 6 or even 12 MBps are now normal in residential homes.

In order for us to enjoy the high speed Internet that our Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives us, we should have compatible devices. These devices include modems, network interface cards in your computer and of course the router. A single device that is incompatible or not able to handle the high speeds will result in slow Internet speeds or worse, no Internet connection at all.

As we all know, routers are used in our homes to network our various computers. Instead of one computer connecting directly to the modem at a single time, you can have numerous computers connected as long as it passes through a router first. The primary role of a router at our homes is to make sure that all your computers can get online at excellent speeds.

Benefits Of Using A High Speed Router


The name says it all, high speed routers can handle higher bandwidths and can provide your computer with near ideal speeds. These days, we all need to access information quickly. With just a click of a mouse you can now open up your favorite webpage in seconds. Various online applications such as video streaming demand a higher bandwidth and if your router is not capable of handling these then you wouldn’t enjoy these.

As more and more companies are beginning to embrace the cloud computing platform, where applications are stored on a single server for you to access, you need a high speed router to ensure a faster and stable connection.

Easy Setup

The new high speed routers being manufactured today are easy to setup. They are designed in a way that ordinary people without any advanced computer skills can understand. The main market for this high speed router is people who want to setup their own home network. You don’t even need to contact a local computer technician to assist you in setting up your network. It’s as easy as connecting your router to the modem and then connecting your computer to the router. The older routers needed special settings in them that often had to be manually set making it confusing most of the time.


Most of the high speed routers available in the market can let you connect using various wireless protocols. Currently 802.11 b, 802.11 g and the new 802.11 n wireless protocols are used. If the wireless adapter in your laptop can only connect using 802.11 b you don’t have to worry when you use these new high speed routers since they support multi protocols. If your computer can only connect using an ethernet cord then this option is also available.


This is the most important feature of high speed routers. If you have a home wireless network and suddenly your connection slows down even if you are not using much of the Internet then chances are someone is using your connection. If the lights in your router constantly blinks and your computer isn’t doing anything then your wireless Internet has been compromised. High speed routers use the latest in wireless security features assuring you that your information is safe and secure. With all the threats against identity theft going on these days, it is best to stay safe with these routers.

These are the main reasons why you should consider getting a high speed router. It would definitely make your home network a great place to go online.

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