ZOOM 4504 Wireless-N Router for LTE, 4G, 3G, DSL, Cable Internet Modems and Smartphones

Flexibility and ease of use are the best ways to describe what the ZOOM 4504 is all about. Essentially this Router converts an internet connection into a high-speed wireless network. When the manufacturer looked at various existing sources of internet to access, they discovered a number of different ones and allowed for virtually every kind with the design and capabilities of this Router.

ZOOM 4504 Wireless-N Router for LTE, 4G, 3G, DSL, Cable Internet Modems and Smartphones

For example, the Four-Port Switch allows for a cellular broadband service to be converted and shared using LTE, 4G, 3G or earlier sources. It also can convert fixed broadband service (DSL, cable-internet, Ethernet) by using either WiFi or wired connections. It is done simply by plugging in the source device and the Router does the rest.

The high speed internet created by the 4504 is fast and coverage has been measured by the manufacturer as up to 330 feet indoors and 990 feet outdoors, which will vary depending on terrain and obstacles. Set up is extremely fast and simple with a quick start guide followed by a user manual (stored on a CD that comes with the Router) where you can personalize the configurations of the 4504. It supports WPA1 or WPA2 security protocols that you can password protect during set up.

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The Router is easy to connect to with modern day devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones which will typically recognize the router instantly. Connecting them just requires entry of the security password. The instruction manual also provides details on how to add those devices that require setting up manually.

The 4504 is probably one of the most useful Routers on the market simply because it can convert cellular internet from older devices into high speed access for newer devices and does it effortlessly providing excellent coverage in any area you would required a wireless network.

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